watermelon smoothie

WATERMELON SMOOTHIE that tastes like summer

Do you need a taste of summer for every single day? Try my refreshing watermelon & ginger smoothie!

For me summer always tastes a bit sweet and sour. Sweet because I love the sun, the longer days, chilling outside, enjoying the warm weather and the possibilities to do so many things outside – and sour because most of the time I spend in the office… but this summer will be different! Due to maternity leave I will have the sweetest summer ever with my little princess Eve!!! Yeah!!!

This recipe is one of the quickest and most simple ones I’ve ever created and non the less this drink is enriched with flavor. The taste reminds me of a life at the beach –  I imagine myself in a hammock – Eve playing in the sand and just enjoying the lightness of being.

With the fist sip I hope you’ll also have a throwback to one of your greatest summer moments.