local products

Oriental spiced vegetable soup

Millions of colorful herbs and spices are offered at oriental markets – it’s so wonderful passing by and inhale the exotic fragrances and buy things you never ever heard of. I used to travel a lot and got the chance to see many different markets and I loved to watch the hustle and bustle. (more…)


Do you eat fruits and vegetables five times a day as it was always taught by our parents? No – me neither! So why not putting at least a few in a healthy & fruity salad?


Bank holidays were great and we made a little family road trip to Raasdorf, Marchfeld – where we directly bought our potatoes and white asparagus from local producers. I love it so much! It gives me such a great feeling to buy and support local farmers and on the other hand to know that I get the best quality products which my family and I are going to enjoy.  (more…)


My current quote: “GREEN GREEN GREEN – nothing is as fresh as green!”

At the moment I am really enjoying green food and taking lots of pictures. To satisfy my hunger for green – I decided to make a green asparagus pesto with a little extra spoil: spinach and nettles. (more…)