Chia seed recipes


Chia Seeds are one of my favorite foods at the moment. Besides the positive side effects I just love the texture of eating them, when they are soaked overnight. For me they are one of the best breakfast ingredients as they work really well with all kind of fruits. (more…)

Chia Seeds with hot & creamy strawberries

Nowadays Chia seeds – the SUPERFOOD – are on everyone’s mind and about two months ago my mother was completely insane about these healthy seeds and told me I need to try them and figure out some recipes for her.

Well, I’ve never heard anything about them before so I just googled „Chia seeds“ and tons of information rolled upon me… The plant Chia is a type of sage and originates from Central- and South America. I found an article which I want to share with you, where I think the health benefits are described best: BENEFITS OF CHIA SEEDS (more…)