Although we are living in a smoothie generation¬†sometimes I free my juicer from dust and start juicing ūüôā Taking my¬†favorite fruits and vegetables and creating creative concoctions not only nourishes my¬†body but can also uplift my¬†mind and spirit – specially when it’s PINK¬†‚̧ (more…)


This time of the year is about retreating to your cosy kitchen to create food to cheer yourself up, especially when the weather in Vienna is bleak. And what can be better than some pinkish colorful beetroot risotto with feta and fresh cress on your plate?

Beetroot Chips

Homemade beetroot chips are really easy to make and they are so healthy and delicious!¬†If you like the sweet and earthy taste of beetroots you’ll love this – maximum flavor & minimum fuss. (more…)