Oriental spiced vegetable soup

Millions of colorful herbs and spices are offered at oriental markets – it’s so wonderful passing by and inhale the exotic fragrances and buy things you never ever heard of. I used to travel a lot and got the chance to see many different markets and I loved to watch the hustle and bustle. (more…)


Autumn has started with all its glory, from wonderful lighting scenes in forests and parks to refreshing air in the morning and warm temperatures at noon. What can be better than a pumpkin carrot soup which is enriched with flavors and vitamins to keep you healthy? (more…)


Worldwide there is an overwhelming variety of dumplings, both sweet and savory. Today I want to introduce you to a traditional Austrian bread dumpling originally called “Semmelknödel” which are typically served as a side dish to roast pork, in a soup or any dish with creamy sauce. (more…)


Bank holidays were great and we made a little family road trip to Raasdorf, Marchfeld – where we directly bought our potatoes and white asparagus from local producers. I love it so much! It gives me such a great feeling to buy and support local farmers and on the other hand to know that I get the best quality products which my family and I are going to enjoy.  (more…)

Best PHO – Linh’s family recipe

A couple of weeks ago I invited Linh, a friend of mine, to cook with me. I always wanted to know how to make a real Vietnamese soup and so she brought her Moms recipe of a beef pho with her and we started our little project.

The result was amazing, I was totally blown away by the deep and complex flavors. Seriously this was the best pho I’ve ever had in my entire life! I am now completely obsessed with it and also want to share this with you! (more…)