Welcome to Culinary EVE!

Made with L*ve

I am a passionate mother and foodie who can not sit still – there is always something going on in my mind… especially since I was inspired by Iris Apfel’s words „Do what you love!“

I’ve never felt as much love for anything than my baby girl EVE and I adore delicious food. Therefore I call my blog „Culinary EVE“.

To introduce myself, I am Julia, the voice of this blog, living in Vienna, Austria. I grew up at my grandmother’s place in Salzburg and it was the best place in the world. We had chickens, rabbits, cats, lambs and of course a huge garden with lots of home grown vegetables and fruits.

More than 30 years passed and I still think of her wonderful and tasty cooking skills – she taught me to eat and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle between slow and fast food. Now that I am a mother myself I want to pass on this great way of life.

We are living in a culinary world which provides us with millions of tastes and I want to experience as much as I can. Family dinners, private parties with friends, restaurants, cook books, other bloggers and also snack bars  – all of these things inspire me every day.

So I want to introduce you to my personal recipes but also become a collector of all these good tastes and recipes I experience every day. Love experiments in the kitchen and of course cooking with family and friends to take my cooking skills to the next level! BE PART OF IT!!! 

Cooking time is family time –

sitting all together and enjoying great food & drinks

made with L*ve!

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